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Matthew Price

The recent ‘credit crunch’ has had a major impact across the whole of the catering and hospitality industry, an ever increasing number of long established companies are closing their doors as they struggle to maintain profitability in this gloomy economic climate we find ourselves burdened with.


All companies both large and small are looking to make savings wherever possible. One area that often gets overlooked is the ongoing maintenance and repair costs associated with modern day catering equipment.


Whilst it is very unfortunate that this downturn in the economy has proved fatal to a lot of service providers we have found ourselves in a very fortunate position as an ever increasing number of larger multi site customers are realising the benefits of dealing direct with smaller, locally based and most importantly ‘realistically priced’ service providers.


Fortunately for us our company has continued to receive new enquiries on a daily basis and we have recently welcomed numerous new customers to our rapidly expanding client list.


We appreciate that changing service providers can seem a daunting prospect for some, many of our new clients have previously used the same service provider for a number of years without really looking at how much this is costing them and without ever comparing them to other service providers who may be able to offer a far superior service for a lot less cost.


Some multi site customers may not even realise that service provider they initially contact to report faults is just sub contracting the service calls to smaller locally based companies like us, they then mark up the cost considerably before passing the invoice on to you.

We would appreciate that you ask yourself a few simple questions.

Do you need reliable same day service?

Do you need a first time fix?

Do you need to save money?

If the answer is yes then we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company to you and offer a brief introduction to the services we can provide.

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